426 Full Members and Associates; Site Updated May 31, 2016


The Guild of Event Merchants (GEM), is an organization to help and assist Merchants, Vendors and Dealers who frequent Pirate and SCA events, Renaissance Faires, Sci/Fi Cons, and other such events in the Pacific NW.  It’s Full Members are those Merchants who have ascribed to the goals and standards outlined in our Papers.  Our Associate Members are Event Organizers, Event attendees, and other interested parties, who have requested access to our Face Book group.

The Guild mission is to make our Merchants lives and business easier through networking; being a knowledge resource for one another; assistance in dispute resolution; vetting events; and creating a researched Calendar of Events through out the year, listing over 90 events of interest to our Members.

Either level of membership is available through request on our Facebook page Guild of Event Merchants  The page is Public, so anyone may read all posts.  Posting rights are open to anyone requesting Membership.  The page is open and public as part of our belief in transparency and open communication.

Our Facebook page is an excellent resource for promoting or asking about events, asking questions and seeking advise, or just general communication between concerned parties.  It also serves as a public source of information about events, good and bad, and affords all parties a forum for communication and discussion.  Myself, and the other Moderators there are firm believers in open, inclusive communication, and are not into censorship – unless you’re a spammer.


owl  The Guild was started in the spring of 2012, with Portland, Oregon as it’s Home Port.  It’s first official meeting was held at Tortuga, in 2013.  The Tinkers Yar hosted that meeting, as well as our second meeting at Sea Dogs in 2014 and 2015.

As of 2014, we have traditionally held meeting at Sea Dogs in July, and Tortuga in September.  Our Spring Meetings in 2015 were held at Feast of Fools, with another meeting the next month at Pirates Plunder.  These were our first two meetings in Washington, and we hope/plan to continue holding GEM meetings at these events.   During our 2014 Sea Dogs meeting, I was appointed Doyen (or Head) of the Guild, and serve as its informal leader or Spokesperson.

The original concept for the Logo was designed by Amelia Scysen; I made some refinements; and Robert Peters did the final re-design and computer graphics to create what we now have.  We now also have business cards for our Full Members to use.  Thanks to all, and well done!

FACE BOOK: Guild of Event Merchants
EMAIL: OccamsEdge@juno.com

Scott the Shameless Du’Lann
Doyen of the Guild of Event Merchants
Owner/Master of Occams Edge